Our Specialists

Lauren-Leigh Porter

Body Beautiful CEO with over 13 years’ experience in the fitness industry & many local & International titles to her name.

Natelee De Freitas

Body Beautiful Managing Director is passionate about encouraging others to work towards and achieve self love, wellness and happiness!

Sergio Louis Peral

Body Beautiful Coach and Mr. Body Beautiful + Mr Fitness 2021. Experience in stage preparation and competition, fitness lifestyle, and overall wellbeing. Working with multiple clients serving multiple needs from toning and bulking to general fitness.

Andrea Louw (Body Beautiful Namibia)

Selected to compete in Namibia’s Premier League Netball team this year and top 4 Squash team in 2019, Andrea loves to play squash up to 2 times a week and netball everyday Monday to Thursday. You will find her in the gym everyday except Sunday. Andrea loves being able to help others achieve their greatest potential and in the process find their true person within.

Desiree Ross

Body Beautiful Coach and a Dance A Fitness Instructor that combines dance with fitness. She has always loved fitness and to make people feel and look good. Desiree is passionate about making fitness fun and showing people that fitness is for everyone and not just one specific person.

Lorna Immink

Body Beautiful Coach and a fitness competitor with vast experience in stage preparation, customized training programs and nutrition.

Landi Geel

Body Beautiful Coach that is not only passionate about the health, well-being and sustainability of her clients, but a qualified personality coach with the extensive experience in fitness and nutrition through her own trial and error. A Body Beautiful Competitor and Mommy of a 1-year-old is ready, able and MORE than willing to guide you to crushing YOUR goals!

Boipelo Rabanyane

Body Beautiful Coach and Fitness Experience Influencer, experience in Fitness Stage Competition BBSA 2020. Fitness lifestyle strives to assist clients who want to transform their body and lifestyle. Sign up with Boipelo here

Boipelo Rabanyane

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