Welcome to Body Beautiful’s virtual show winter edition. We, the Body Beautiful team are so excited to present to you the opportunity to step on stage with the world.  Our virtual show is a digital online venue that involves contestants competing in a virtual environment, rather than meeting in a physical location or competing on an actual stage. Each contestants entry must be pre-recorded and our team of professionals will then superimpose each entry into the live virtual stage so that the live broadcast presents itself as a real experience using a digital virtual platform.  For this reason contestants will need to download our show spec sheet which specifies all filming requirements necessary for you to submit the perfect virtual entry.  For international entries please touch base with the show organisers to identify an affiliated Green Screen studio in your respective country. If you are not attending one of our set green screen filing days in either Cape Town, Jhb or PTA you will be required to please submit video recordings according to the category. If you are entering 2 or more categories each entry will need to be submitted separately. Where your category has more than one round, all videos/AV clips/music files must be submitted together in one Wetransfer email with the category subject heading. Please include your name, age and contact number in the body of the email.

For all entries which will not be done by our in house team please touch base with show organisers to assist you with the respective specs to ensure your best quality entry recording.

This is your time to shine, to step onto a global stage platform and show off your hard earned work.

Below are some important dates for you to mark on your calendar:

Pre-recorded entry deadline: 7 June 2021·

Complete the online entry anytime between the 1 Feb & 7 June 2021. No late entries will be accepted.

Compulsory entry requirements:

  • T walk – stage ramp walk & body judging round
  • Quarter turns for judging comparison
  • Routine Round (for specific categories only)
  • Entrance onto stage to be discussed with organisers – each contestant will be required to enter the stage in a specific way which will be allocated to them prior to the greenscreen filming this is to add dimension to our final show production and live broadcast
  • Winners announcement – should you win this will be used in the live broadcast awards ceremony

Cape Town Green Screen Setup:

Cape Town athletes, please be advised that Bernadette Beyer from Fitness SA will be creating the green screen stage set up on Saturday the 29th of May 2021.

Registration starts 8am till 11am

Pre-judging 11am till 1pm

Theme and Fitness Rounds 2pm till 6pm

Venue:  Ipic Active | Corner Aurora & Burton Streets, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550

For more details contact Bernadette Beyer – bernadette@hmtnutrition.co.za

Johannesburg Green Screen Setup:

Date: 5 & 6 June 2021

Venue: To Be Confirmed

For more details contact Lauren-Leigh Porter – lauren@bodybeautifulsa.com

Live webinars dates & times:

Please login to our free show webinars as we discuss in detail the body beautiful show 2020 virtual event.

Follow our Body Beautiful blog posts for similar content & frequently asked questions.

We will cover topics as listed below.  If you have topic suggestions or lack clarity in any area, feel free to get in touch & we will be happy to shed some light.

  • How to enter & entry requirements
  • Your best look on stage, tan, hair, make up, fitness attire, stage personality, stage presence, posing perfection, category themes
  • Meet your judges.
  • Categories & judging criteria
  • Stage presence & posing workshops / classes
  • Music list & premixed downloads for each category
  • Show sponsors, partners, prizes up for grabs
  • Where to watch the live broadcast
  • How to advertise on our global platform
  • How to become a show sponsor
  • Showflix online digital television network

Showtime live broadcast virtual show

Saturday 3 July 2021

Follow our linktree link for all broadcasts and www.bodybeautifulsa.com

Live judging & judging comparisons:                                                                                                 

Our judges will be streamed into a live judging broadcast and live judging will take place very much the same as a normal live extravaganza.  Contestants will be able to see judges expressions as well as comments from audiences worldwide on the side of their screens

You quarter turns entry recording will be placed together with all other contestants in your line up to create a fold over, this way judges will be able to compare all contestants in a front, back & side pose to ensure fair judging across the board.

Thank you

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